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5* Learner

Recognition for positive behaviour in school

At Hinde House 2 -16 School : Primary Phase our main way for recognising, encouraging and reinforcing appropriate behaviour in line with the core values is through our 5 Star Learner Strategy.

Every child has different talents and abilities, but what we expect is that everyone:

    • Tries hard and shows a great attitude to school
    • Is ready to learn every day
    • Attends school every day

The 5 Star Learners strategy is designed to do a range of things:

    • Explain to pupils the school behaviours that lead to success; learning in lessons, being a great school citizen, and good attendance
    • To give pupils regular feedback against the 5 Star Learner criteria
    • To regularly reward and celebrate pupils who score highly and tell their parents/carers
    • To publish progress reports for pupils each half term to keep parents/carers informed
    • To quickly identify the small number of pupils who score poorly and begin to put in place plans for improvement
    • To encourage every pupil to become 5 Star in every aspect of their school life
    • To give every pupil a fresh start at the beginning of a new half term and to encourage them to do even better or maintain their standards.

5* Learner/ 5* Ready to Learn - End of Half Term recognition

Each half term every pupil is given a 5* learner rating and a 5* Ready to Learn rating by the teacher. Year book entries are taken into consideration when awarding the points. One year book entry could still allow 4* to be given. 2 year book entries may exclude a 4* being given.

All pupils who achieve a 4*+ average for the two ratings will receive a small half termly award.Parents will receive a report each half term of their child’s 5 Star learner rating.

5* Learner/ 5* Ready to Learn - End of Term recognition

At the end of each term pupils who have a 4* average for the term will be rewarded by a special class reward. The award could be an extra play time, children’s own choice ie film, art, etc. Concord Park, bowling, swimming, Wincobank Hill, cinema or a disco in school time. Where there is a cost then the children will be asked for a contribution.

Under exceptional circumstances a child with <4* in the first half term of a term but with 4+* in the 2nd half term of the term may be considered for inclusion in the end of term reward trip as they may have had a significant improvement in behaviour over a sustained period of time. Consultation with SLT, parents and staff is required.

5* Improver award

There is also special recognition for pupils who have moved up 2 or more stars from one term to the next.

5* Learner/ 5* Ready to Learn - End of Year recognition

At the end of the year pupils who have achieved a 4*+ average will receive an end of the year award.