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ATTENDANCE IS A KEY AREA FOR IMPROVEMENT. 95% is the minimum that pupils should be achieving.

Individual pupils receive prizes for excellent attendance during the school year in special assemblies. Punctuality and attendance figures are monitored on a daily as well as on weekly basis.

To achieve, this we need to continue to work with parents/carers and tighten up our practice. It is vital that both parents/carers and pupils understand that we believe that good attendance (above 95%) is vital to getting the most out of educational opportunities.

On the first day of absence, the Home-School Liaison Worker will make contact with the parent or carer if no explanation has been received by school.

On return, we ask pupils for a note and a reason for their absence.

The Inclusion Team will target particular children whose attendance is of concern.

Parents/carers should be made aware that if a child is to leave school during a session (e.g. hospital appointment) or to have an authorised absence known in advance (e.g. family wedding), they must have an authorised absence slip obtainable from the school office. This is part of a citywide scheme by the LA, in consultation with the Police, as part of Truancy Watch to crack down on truancy and parentally condoned unjustified absence.